The EU Industry Days is surely one of the most interesting thematical events organized by the European Commission. It is an annual event aiming to discuss industry challenges and co-develop opportunities and policy responses involving a multitude of actors and stakeholders from various fields. This year’s edition of the EU Industry Days was organised as a blended event with both virtual and face-to-face interactions. The main event took place in Brussels, Belgium between 8-11 of February 2022, with an extensive agenda of key issues and themes deserving European if not global attention. Among those were purely green topics like Europe’s decarbonization goals, reducing emissions, sustainable aviation and others, but also other important industry-related aspects such as making tourism more sustainable, supporting European citizens to stay Europeans, industrials and technological solutions and innovation, advanced manufacturing, investments and support for digitalization any many others.

Have a look at the gallery below to see more of this year’s highlights:

In case you’ve missed the official event, you can still join any of the local events and take the most of the available EU Industry Days online resources. Here’s how:

  • Have a virtual tour of the Exhibition
    Though the virtual event has ended, you may still sign up for it and check out the available virtual EU Industry Days exhibition, where you will be able to learn about varoius initiatives in the ares of (1) Green and Digital Transition and (2) Green and Digital New Business Models. You will also learn about some funding opportunities for businesses, get access to networking opportunities and meet pepople of interests via the provided contact options.

  • Join locally organised EU Industry Days events
    The best part about the EU Industry Days is that it is not yet over! Remeber, this is a European wide event, meaning you can still receive valuble information on your topics of interest and even better – interact with local actors. You may follow the EU Industry Weeks local events via the official webpage here, where you can sort events by thematic areas, country and dates. Virtual workshops, fairs, seminars, open door sessions and business presentations will demonstrate how European industrial ecosystems are approaching the topics of green and digital transition, resilience and youth in industry.

  • Listen to the official ‘Unlocking the Future’, the EU Industry Days podcast series
    Interested in some more focused discussions on a topic you are interested? Well then, we totally reccomend that you check out the EU Industry Days podcast, where contributions from a wide variety industry insiders, civil society representatives, academics, and many others share their thoughts about the trends, challenges but mostly opportunities that the green, digital, and resilient transition brings for European industries. By the way, we really like listening to the “The Role of Networking Organizations” podcast, where Mr. Matteo Carlo Borsani, Managing Director of Confindustria Delegation to the EU said:

"This pandemic has shown that you can not be selfish. If you want to survive, if you want to react and be competitive for the time being and the future, you need to act as a whole."

Finally, if you enjoyed the above contents and you wish you had access to more, then you may also want to check out the discussions from previous editions of the EU Industry Days, including a wrap-up video of the EU Industry Days 2021 edition.

Hungry for even more? Visit the official EU Industry Days website here.


Featured image and gallery images credit: Official EU Industry Days 2022 Website

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